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How to Find Online Betting in Asia: The Top Asian Betting Sites

Asia is the largest continent with the highest population. With people across diverse cultures and countries, the one thing that brings together communities is the love for fun games and the gaming culture. 

With markets expanding almost every day, it hardly comes as a surprise that regional betting has been gaining traction over the past few years. Be it Southeast Asian countries like those Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, or the even Philippines, there is always a platform where you can place your bets. Gaming websites and betting sites are now accessible at the click of a button.

But which are the top betting sites?

Who do you rely on?

Is it safe?

How do you make a payment?

Do they accept bitcoins?

These are the top questions that novice gamers ask themselves before getting into the exciting new arena. Let’s explore the top betting site which has taken the Asian market by storm.

Top betting site gives you a brilliant bonus

Rated as one of the highest gaming websites, brings you top-of-the-line games to bet on. Be it live athletic matches such as those involving football, tennis, hockey, cricket, baseball, basketball, or others, you always have live betting available. 

Cashback Bonus
Cashback Bonus

Making transactions through multiple channels is now easier on

With heavy bonuses, you can make your transactions through cards, bitcoin, and several other methods. It is safe and rated amongst the highest betting sites in Asia. With odds getting higher and an added advantage of HD games streamed live, you have a deal to watch out for!

You can explore endless options of casino games and league games on the completely optimized website. gives you access to the top games such as Evolution, King855, EzGo123, etc. with additional promotions and bonuses. 

Easy and user-friendly pages give you a seamless experience

The interface on is user-friendly and makes it of kind betting site for enthusiasts. With several offers on the rollout almost every day, one can place their bets on a game that is due or live. 

How is better than its competitors?

A dedicated space on the site to display the life and featured matches, helps the betting aficionados analyze and make calculated bets for better returns. Additionally, the FAQ section of the betting site gives you complete information about the process and account creation such that anyone without prior betting knowledge can try their luck.

1. Betway

Betway gives Asian free access to all sports that are worthy of wagering. Bets placed can be seamlessly paid for using multiple payment methods. The con of the website is that it is restricted to certain geographies which can be an unpleasant experience for users. 

A betting site launched in the year 2006 has made its way into one of the top betting sites in Asia. With a robust customer support system, this is one of the betting sites that should be on your explore list.

2. Betonline. ag

Betonline. ag is a betting website offered in both English and Spanish. Multiple gaming events such as the NFL, NBA, NHL, etc., give you coverage of a wide variety of games to bet on. 

With a bonus of up to $1000, it tops the list. With more than 20 years of experience in the betting market, the betting side offers you a seamless mobile and television gaming experience. Round-the-clock customer support also helps you address your queries more quickly and reliably.



3. Sportsbetting

If you are interested in betting on games like poker, esports, or sports in general, you need to visit sports betting site. A world-class bonus experience along with one account for multiple products, the betting site is dedicated to making wagering an experience for you. 

Not only do you get the benefits of several rewards and excellent VIP service, but you also get frontline access to helplines in case of any issues or queries. A myriad of deposits and payouts help you make seamless transactions such that you can have a World-class betting experience.

4. Pinnacle sportsbook

Established in the year 1998, it is one of the most rated betting sites when it comes to Asian domains. Although it is specifically for Asian users, it is also accessible in all countries except the United States. Unique betting experience, exposure to major leagues, easy deposit and withdrawal methods, excellent bonus value for the amount, and added VIP support are only a few of the perks. 

Additionally, you get multiple languages enabled dashboard to track all your bets and keep a close eye on the upcoming live matches. With lower margins and higher gains, it is great for players who are new to the world of wagering.

5. MyBookie

As the name suggests, it is personalized wagering and betting site which can take you across leagues among the likes of NFL, NBA, soccer, hockey, tennis, cricket, horse racing, casinos, live betting, or even regular sports such as darts!

One of the first betting sites to accept bitcoin as a payment option, Mybookie is a popular betting website among players who are seasoned in the market. The mobile platform is one of a kind and built with state-of-the-art technology, it promises loaded bonuses and freebies. If you are a pro-sport better, then MyBookie should be on your list to make your next series of bets. 

Which is the best betting site in Asia?

Although every betting website has its pros and cons, it is quite evident that has much better features and a plethora of games to choose from.

As one of the best betting websites, come with different features and offers every single day. 

Some wagering websites offer a better gaming experience, whilst others give better returns and offers. Few offer better coverage of games, while others offer seamless payment methods. While few may be restricted geographically, others might give overall coverage concerning player territory, languages, and even sports. is the only Asian betting website that gives you all the above features in one single place.

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